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Takosha Misheal Swan


Takosha Misheal Swan  is an Innovator. She speaks about issues that are often “swept under the table” and she shares her knowledge and experiences with Corporations, Entrepreneurs, women & men facing challenges. Takosha Misheal Swan continues to develop concrete thought processes for how these life experiences should be addressed, that are often different than what is being taught through the educational, medical and psychological communities.

Takosha Misheal Swan addresses all business and life challenges, especially those dealing with Management, Organizational Harmony, Racial/Differenetial barriers and military & veteran communities, just to name a few. She has experienced these things from youth to adulthood and she is now sharing her success with you. Click Here to Book Takosha Misheal Swan!!!


Takosha Misheal Swan's lifelong struggles and on-going success on overcoming extreme financial difficulties; her ability to live a full, exciting and productive life; and her intense education—scholastically with an MBA and Law School, musically as a Writer, Composer and Singer, a Military Veteran in the Human Resources sector and community wise as an Appointed Official for Veterans and other communities; allows her to speak authoritatively on the business topics of Growing and Moreness within Corporations, Small Businesses, Veteran & Miliitary Communities and Women led organizations to help them to overcome their challenges to achieve MORENESS® in the troubled areas of their organization. Takosha Misheal Swan is a leading authority, speaker, author and consultant on three primary topics: Overcoming Adversity; Business & Life Empowerment; and Clarity. While Takosha Misheal Swan has achieved enormous success, awards, appointments and accolades she remains warm and accessible to small and large communities. Click Here to Book Takosha Misheal Swan!!!

Takosha Misheal Swan has developed a unique way to help professionals see old ideas in new ways. She has developed a holistic approach to empower women and men to live authentically. Takosha Misheal Swan has developed unique ways to manage challenges and insecurities around financial difficulties including but not limited to: educating; writing music and books, founding businesses, etc. She is an Innovator that has greater flexibility to continue to develop and refine her models and systems because she is not beholden to stockholders; Takosha is beholden to herself, as the sole owner and founder of Business Women Consulting™. Click Here to Book Takosha mIsheal Swan!!!

Takosha Misheal Swan is elated about leading passion filled small businesses and corporations & professional women and men into their purposes through their businesses that shatter their normals' and achieve MORENESS®

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