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Mother Balancing Baby on Legs
B.A.L.A.N.C.E for More


Back to the Beginning Organizational Review

Attention to detail to cut out what is no longer working

Language, Life & Leadership Control

Ageless Community Perspective

New structures for new times

Consistent Communication and Culture Growth

Exercising the new plan


Manager and Worker
M.A.N.A.G.E for More

Morning Organizational Ritutals

Attention to Corporate Health Signals

New Corporate Language

Action of Truth Evaluations

Gather Organizational Thoughts Review

Evening Organizational Rituals


Overjoyed happy multiracial business tea
Business Meeting
for More

Help each other via skill sets

Agree on commonalities

Realize who is for you

Move to your destination

Open your mind

Never Quit the process

Initialize ideas that match the Focus

Zealousness in your goals

Engage each other on purpose

P.L.A.N for More


Purpose of the future focus from the present to 10-50 years

Language Progression; knowing exactly where you are going CULTURALLY

Allowing Changes that you didn't plan but grow and agree with your plan

Next move today

*SBA Typical Definition of Big Businesses:

At least 500 or More employees

*Megabusinesses: a subset consisting of companies employing at least 2500 persons each (bizjournals)

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